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Collective Membership Campaign

We want to work with brands, organisations and businesses that share our purpose: to protect wild places under threat.

Together, we can do more. By becoming a Collective Member, we can join forces to raise awareness and funds to protect vulnerable ecosystems.

Support our vision by becoming a FWP Collective Member today.

For our not for profit to not only exist, but to grow, we need reliable funding. This funding will cover base costs so we can focus our attention on creating and executing events and initiatives that protect wild places under threat. By becoming a member you will be giving us the security and support we need to keep For Wild Places thriving for years to come.

Our organisation wants to ensure businesses and brands, big and small can join our community and support our shared goal. The annual collective Membership fee is based on the particular member’s capacity to contribute, based on turnover.  Membership starts at $1000 per annum.

As a Collective Member, you will receive:

  • Recognition as a FWP Collective member on our website
  • Priority invitations to event partnership opportunities
  • Updates on our latest projects, initiatives and events and opportunities to get involved
  • Honest and evocative content that tells the story of our purpose and impact, through film, photos and stories

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The thing I love most about Australia, since moving from the UK in 2009, has been having the opportunity to explore this beautiful, wild, rugged country. It saddens me when I see these places mistreated or placed in harm’s way & I love the work that For Wild Places does in protecting them. From holding major fundraising trail running events to encouraging the simple act of picking up trash on the trails, For Wild Places is making a difference. I hope to see you on the trails soon” – Lauren Beels

Nature has always provided a safe space for me to be myself. It doesn’t demand, it doesn’t judge – it just lets me be. I joined FWP to be part of a movement that actually protects nature, so that it can continue to be available to enable others to thrive when they are outdoors” – Elanor Finch

We love our Collective Members

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Got a question?

Here are some answers that might help.

1. What is the sign-up process?

We want to ensure we are working with genuine companies that share our vision. This means all potential Collective Members will be reviewed by our team, to ensure high levels of integrity are maintained. After filling out the Application Form, one of our team will be in touch with you. From here, you will be sent a ‘Heads of Agreement’ document, which will outline the terms of the Membership. After your membership fee has been paid, you will be listed on the FWP website, and start to receive regular communications from our team. 

2. Where does the money go?

Membership income will help cover the baseload costs of FWP. These unsexy costs include subscriptions, insurance and wages. This will ensure the money received from grants, sponsors, partners, donations etc. can focus on creating events and initiatives that support the protection of wild places. Bi-annually newsletters from the FWP Board will keep you up to date with what FWP has achieved and what your input has helped create.

3. What will FWP provide?

  • Feature the Collective Member’s logo on the FWP Membership website
  • Distribute bi-annual newsletters with updates on the team, events, impact and upcoming opportunities
  • Offer priority access to partnership or sponsorship opportunities in relation to events, projects and initiatives led by FWP
  • Be acknowledged as a Collective Member on FWP’s social media platforms within 1 month of signing up
  • Offer access to original FWP content for sharing
  • Share content supplied by the Collective Member via FWP’s key communication channels (Newsletter, social media) when relevant to the community
  • Suggest Collective Member collaborations throughout the year, including, but not limited to; apparel collaborations, gear testing, participating in events, discounted team entry at FWP events and product giveaways

4. As a Collective Member, what does my company have to do?

  • Provide FWP with a short company profile and logo, for use on the FWP website
  • Complete the Collective Membership Sign Up form and sign the provided ‘Heads of Agreement’ form
  • Pay the nominated contribution amount to the nominated bank account, after receiving the invoice
  • Utilize digital assets provided by FWP to promote the Collective Membership on social media, promotional emails etc (optional)
  • Maintain contact with FWP, to discuss any upcoming promotions, events or campaigns organised by either party and consider opportunities to support, partner or cross-promotion

5. 1% For the Planet

For Wild Places is a 1% For the Planet partner, and we welcome any contributions from other 1% For the Planet brands and businesses. Whether you are a large or small business, your annual 1% contribution can serve as your Collective Membership fee, paid on an annual, monthly or quarterly basis. For more information on how you can contribute your 1% to For Wild Places, please get in touch today –