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You’re probably here because, like us, you have a passion for wild places.

You want to know how to better protect the places you love. And do more for the places that really matter. 

That’s why we’ve created the For Wild Places Founding Membership

The team and community at FWP are people who love to spend time exploring and adventuring in the outdoors. Naturally, as outdoors enthusiasts we’re great at solving problems and have a passion for the environment. We established For Wild Places with this in mind. 

FWP exists to make trail running a meaningful expression of environmental activism, so that together, each of us can help our wild places survive and thrive. We are trail runners with a purpose, and we aim to build communities around that purpose.

Our events, like the Pilliga Ultra, are not only wonderful experiences in beautiful areas, they also build and support campaigns to protect these areas. Our team is full of passion and dedication to the job at hand, but that only goes so far. This work needs resources.

By joining FWP you will help:

  • Fund our core operations in an ongoing, sustainable way
  • Create a foundation from which more meaningful work can happen
  • Maintain FWP as a good place to work
  • Build a team of activist runners with the capability to fulfil our wildest dreams!

You also get:

  • Your name listed as a Founding Member on our website (if you want!)
  • Early registration access to FWP events
  • Go in the running (pun intended) to win quality gear from partners who share our values
  • Updates on our latest projects, adventures and events – and opportunities to get involved

Plus these great member-only discounts from our awesome partners:

  • Tarkine Running – 20% off all gear
  • Trail Brew – 10% off online purchases
  • Adventure+ – a 6 month subscription to the streaming platform

These projects won’t happen without the support of our community. It takes people, like you, passionate about saving the wild places we love to make a difference. Become a FWP Founding Member today. Help build a running community with a purpose – to protect our wild places.

I really like Earth. Just the way it is – or even more wild. FWP is a bunch of amazing humans who also like Earth and presents an awesome opportunity to work together to protect this planet. That might be as big as running an ultra race through ancient Gondwana rainforest in Tasmania or as small as saying thanks every time you crush another kilometre” – Paige Penrose

I joined For Wild Places to be part of a movement of sports activists. The trail running community has always had a dormant ambition to do more than just celebrating wild places with trail races. For Wild Places taps into this deep-rooted ambition, it empowers us to come together to protect and celebrate our unique wild places across the country” – Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom

We love our partners

Hey Founding Member, congratulations you can get 40% off your next item from Patagonia
Hey Founding Member, congratulations you can get 10% online purchases from Trail Brew

Founding members

Alan Smith – Ånika Warren-Smith – Bek Street – Ben Duffus – Caleb Rook – Chris Williams – Dave Parker – Dean Maher – Felicity Jacob – Grahame Gould – Hilary McAllister – Jane Aubrey – Jessie Ling Joel Broadfoot – Julie Steele – Karin Traeger – Kate  Gazzard – Lauren Beels – Lincoln Quilliam – Linda Schneider – Lou Klatte – Luke Olive – Lyndal & Matt Cole – Matt Bell – Matt Brennan – Megan Core – Melissa Craig – Melissa Debnam-Smith – Melissa Walsh –  Neil Lawson – Paige Penrose – Rachael Thompson – Richard Hoskings – Ryan Zygarlicki – Salome Tobin – Sarah Armstrong – Scott Mirabello – Shane Fenwick – Shane Smedley – Shane Winzar – Stacee & Dave Johkin – Steve Jackson – Thomas Grayden – Tim & Margot Goodson – Tim Siegenbeek van Heukelom – Zoe James

Got a question?

Here are some answers that might help.

1. Where does the money go?

Every cent from your membership will go straight to FWP to help fund our core operations. As a start-up we’re very reliant on amazing volunteers – and will continue to be. But protecting wild places is a long-term fight that will require financial sustainability all year round. A reliable income stream from membership will allow us to plan ahead into the future and, as we grow, expand the team to bring experienced, motivated and wild people on board, to make our impact greater.

2. Do I have to do anything as a member?

No, not if you don’t want to! Just the act of joining is a big help to us. Going forward, we may ask you for feedback or input on projects and ideas, but these additional ways to get involved will be opt-in.

3. Are there other membership options, like student or corporate?

No. Not yet… but there will be! It’s important we build a base of Founding Members now, to help fund core operations. Plans and discussions are already underway to introduce additional membership options in the future. Drop us an email with your ideas.