Meet the Team – Majell

Hello – Bonjour – hallo – hola – こんにちは – नमस्ते

My name is Majell (pronounced My-Al ).

I’d like to share with you these two words.

Sports Activism.

What a combination of incredible worlds!

I’ve seen so much positive movement and action from sports communities who have a common belief and purpose.

When I look at the impact that has come from
Protect Our Winters,
Surfers for Climate and
Outdoors People for Climate Action, I am STOKED!

And then my curiosity and awareness spikes and draws towards the community and world of Trail & Ultrarunning.

What are we doing to have a positive impact on the places we use for our physical, mental and spiritual health?

When we move together we create real change. Our opportunity right now to become stewards of the Wild Places we run is real.

Racing and competing is great! What a journey a race and all the training that goes into it provides. But, it is shallow in many ways. We can go deeper and create a richer relationship with running and we are doing this by protecting places of environmental and cultural significant through our running.

An athlete is anyone who sweats.

And Sports Activism, whether speaking out for equality, using silence to elevate the voices of the marginalized, or protecting the environment today’s athletes are turning their spotlight on to the most significant issues of our time. 

I am stoked to have this new quiver in my bow.



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