What is FWP? For Wild Places leads the running community JOIN VOLUNTEER into immediate action to protect places of We do this through unique events, facilitating of environmental and cultural significance. memorable experiences in wild places.

Our Why

We are a group of people from across Australia, who came together on the ancient lands of takayna to run to protect the Gondwanan native temperate rain forests from unnecessary destruction. United by a desire to use our love of trail running for good, we now want to create a platform that will allow trail runners to have a positive impact on the environment. For Wild Places aims to shorten the gap between passion and nature, the ways things currently are, and they way they should be. We aim to reconnect trail runners with the places they love to explore, and through education, awareness and action allow them the agency to become sports Activists.

Our Solution

We hope to connect people in a life-long love for the outdoors, so the wild places we enjoy as trail runners are not only protected, but able to flourish. Community building, individual empowerment and harnessing movement will allow athletes to re-discover their agency, so collectively necessary changes can be made. The encouragement and support of like-minded people from all walks of life who share a love for the outdoors will allow a supportive, powerful community to grow, creating a tribe of sports activists who are committed to making lasting Change. Through this process, we hope to engage people from various outdoor communities, and over time make environmental stewardship synonymous with outdoor sports.

Our Impact

For Wild Places hopes to create lasting change within the outdoor space. Our desire to harness the power of movement and energy is not a fad; it’s a commitment to life-long action and engagement. We hope that the ripples we create will spread far and wide, reaching the global outdoor community.

The early days of FWP will focus on harnessing the community we know best, by focusing on trail running and the existing relationships and extensive experience we have within the sport.

Bringing people together through our proposed Wild100 movement will allow For Wild Places to solidify our place within the industry, and bring about significant change within the first 12 months of operation. Lessons learned from the Wild100 will allow FWP to expand into community programs such as camps, boutique events and an online hub for those wanting to harness their agency. Our campaigns and efforts will slowly gain momentum and allow For Wild Places to make our mission and vision a reality.



For Wild Places is a new way of community-building designed to turn the energy of movement into protection for the places we depend on. Through life-changing outdoor events that raise awareness, drive sustainability, and support environmental causes, we allow people to action their desires for a better future for all.
Founded by a small and driven group of outdoor enthusiasts, For Wild Places is a collective of runners, hikers, mountain bikers and surfers with a common goal of transforming a shared passion for outdoor sports into collective environmental activism. Together, we set off on a journey to turn passionate outdoor people into wild place advocates. Welcome to the world of Sports Activism and the first day on the rest of our journey. We strive to be a living organism, always learning and evolving.
Our hope is that your ideas push us to better represent the people, places and sports that drives us. Exploring this site is a great way to understand what we’re about right now.
In many cases, we have supporting documents that provide deeper explanation – if you’d like to know more, or get clarification, just ask.
We welcome your curiosity.