What if you could run GIVE VOLUNTEER to keep a forest wild
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The Rewild Run - A run to rewild habitats for the wildlife at Mt Rothwell

Join the For Wild Places crew and Odonata for our first team event, traverse the rocky grasslands and remnant woodland ecosystems, home to species you will not encounter elsewhere in the world.

Tucked away between Melbourne and Geelong is Mt Rothwell, a secluded, predator-proof sanctuary for threatened species and indigenous vegetation. Home to bandicoots, wallabies, quolls, bettongs and a forever-circling raven population, Mt Rothwell is a haven of native flora and fauna.

What makes this small but significant patch of land unique is the 11km predator-proof fence that surrounds the property and allows these threatened species to thrive within its’ safe protection. However, as more sanctuaries are added to Odonata’s network, the time has come for many of these animals to spread their wings, leave Mt Rothwell and continue to proliferate throughout south-eastern Australia. For Wild Places is proud to partner with Odonata and the team at Mt Rothwell to help raise the necessary funds to ensure the ongoing rehabilitation of threatened species and their safe relocation to new areas.

We are excited to invite 150 people through the gates of Mt Rothwell to take to the trails alongside Southern Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies, Eastern Barred Bandicoots and Eastern Quolls. Get a group together and take your turn in tackling the 10km course, in teams of two or four.

With numbers strictly limited, this a unique opportunity to explore the sanctuary at twilight and see the nocturnal animals emerge when you cross the finish line.


Registrations will open in early June, so pop it in the calender, recruit a team to join you so together you can help rewild the unique ecosystems of Mt Rothwell.